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Wednesday, June 28, 2017
CONTACT:  Daisy Gonzalez-Diego
Miami-Dade County Public Schools

M-DCPS Outperforms the State and all Large Districts in Florida: No ‘F’ Schools

For the first time since the State began issuing school performance grades in 1999, there is not a single district-managed “F” school in Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS), according to school performance grades released by the Florida Department of Education today.


“Today’s historic announcement is a testament to the transformational and collaborative work of students, teachers, employees, parents, and community stakeholders as well as the visionary leadership of our School Board,” said Superintendent of Schools Alberto M. Carvalho. “The impossible has become the inevitable. For the first time since 1999, a span of nearly two decades, our school district and community celebrate an astonishing achievement – zero ‘F’ rated traditional public schools in Miami-Dade County and the elimination of failure for our students.”  


The trend over the past few years demonstrates the improvement made by M-DCPS:


·      2014-15 – 16 “F” schools

·      2015-16 – 7 “F”’ schools

·      2016-17 – 0 “F” schools


“Even more dramatic, a remarkable 66 percent of schools in the district are rated ‘A’ or ‘B’, and a deeper analysis shows that at 39 percent, the percentage of ‘A’ rated schools in Miami-Dade surpasses that of the state,” added Carvalho.  “This is real and tangible evidence that earnest support of public education and the outstanding work of teachers and students yield impressive results.”

 “The school grades’ performance in Miami-Dade County Public Schools is a testament to the hard work of students, educators, parents and the strong leadership of Superintendent Carvalho," said Florida Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart. "Over last year, Miami-Dade has made significant improvements to ensure all students have the opportunity to receive a great education. This achievement means more students than ever are on the path to college and career readiness. I applaud Miami-Dade for their hard work and dedication to Florida students.”

Additional highlights of the results follow:


·      In 2017, 39 percent of all Miami-Dade schools received “A” ratings, compared to just 30 percent statewide.  This is an increase of 9 percentage points from last year for M-DPCS.


o   Higher percentages of M-DCPS schools received “A” ratings in 2017 than those in all other large Florida districts, including Broward, Hillsborough, Duval, Palm Beach and Orange.

o   M-DCPS also received higher ratings than the state and these counties when examining the percentage of schools scoring “A” and “B”; and when combined across “A” and “B” ratings.



·      For each school type, M-DCPS schools outpaced schools statewide in the percentage receiving “A” ratings.

o   41percent of M-DCPS elementary schools, compared to 30 percent  statewide

o   31 percent  of M-DCPS middle schools, compared to 29 percent  statewide

o   34 percent  of M-DCPS senior high schools, compared to 24 percent  statewide

o   44 percent  of M-DCPS combination grade schools, compared to 40 percent  statewide


·       M-DCPS reduced the percentage of “D” rated schools by almost half.


·      In 2017, six schools improved their grade from an “F” to a “C” or higher (one from an “F” to “A”, two from an “F” to a “B” and three from an “F” to a “C”).


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