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Friday, May 31, 2019
CONTACT:  Daisy Gonzalez-Diego
Miami-Dade County Public Schools

M-DCPS Offers Summer Learning Tips to Parents of Children Entering Kindergarten

To prevent the summer slide, the Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ (M-DCPS) Department of Early Childhood Programs is offering tips for parents whose children will be entering Kindergarten in August.

To reinforce early learning skills during the summer, parents are encouraged to turn everyday moments into learning experiences and try out the following tips and strategies:

Talk with your child – Ask your child questions that require more than a yes or no response. Repeat and build upon what your child says and introduce new vocabulary. Encourage your child to use newly acquired words when applicable.

Read aloud to your child every day – Designate a “reading time” for the whole family or for just you and your child. Practice early reading skills by letting your child hold the book and turn the pages. Encourage your child to describe the pictures and share what they notice. Move your finger along under the words to develop concepts of print. 

Write about experiences – Assign a consistent location for writing and encourage your child to write about their summer experiences. Early in development, children’s drawings and scribbles are their writing. Allow your child to share experiences on paper in his/her own way.

Turn everyday moments into teachable moments – Use laundry time, a trip to the grocery store or a ride in the car to teach your child. Ask your child to help sort laundry and talk about the similarities and differences between the clothing. When shopping with your child, read the logos of favorite foods or stores, let your child pick out fruits or vegetables and identify the beginning sound of their name. When riding in the car, look for words found on billboards and signs, count colored cars or engage in rhymes and sing-a-longs.

Visit your local library – Schedule weekly trips to the library and check out summer reading books, 

e-books, audiobooks, music, videos, and more. Check out a Museum Pass for free admission to local museums. Participate in engaging and meaningful summer events and story times.

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