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Thursday, November 21, 2019
CONTACT:  Daisy Gonzalez-Diego
Miami-Dade County Public Schools

School Board Approves Contracts for Four GOB Projects Valued at $18.7 Million, Small Business and Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise Goals Met or Exceeded


The Miami-Dade School Board approved the commissioning of architects and construction awards related General Obligation Bond (GOB) projects valued at approximately $18.7 million, at its regular monthly meeting yesterday.


Voters overwhelmingly approved the GOB in 2012 to renovate, remodel and replace schools; expand student capacity; enhance safety; and provide technology upgrades. The following are details of the projects:


Palm Springs Elementary School the proposed scope of work includes, but is not limited to demolition of five portable buildings; a new storage building; replacement of the main entry gate, selected replacement of windows and storefronts with new impact-resistant storefronts and windows; replacement of flooring and bases; remodeling of selected student and staff restrooms, including one ADA unisex restroom; new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment; new covered walkways and sidewalk; and resurfacing and restriping of selected parking lots and four basketball courts with synthetic rubber surface.


Total project allocation - $6.5 million                                                  Completion – April 2022


Total Sub-Consultant S/MBE Participation: 27 percent

Total Sub-Consultant M/WBE Participation: 27 percent


North Miami Elementary School - the scope of work includes, but is not limited to: selective demolition in two buildings, selective window replacement, group restroom renovations including ADA upgrades, campus-wide exterior painting, HVAC replacement in two buildings, selective replacement of acoustical tiles and lighting, a new fire alarm system, electrical upgrades and other miscellaneous upgrades throughout.


Total project allocation - $3.4 million                                                  Completion – September 2020


Total Sub-Consultant S/MBE Participation: 22.39 percent

Total Sub-Consultant M/WBE Participation: 6.18 percent

Total Sub-Consultant S/MBE Construction Management Participation: 15 Percent


Miami Shores Elementary School - the proposed scope of work includes, but is not limited to: six new classrooms addition connected to the main electrical, water and sewer systems; demolition of the chickee hut, two portable buildings, stairs, sidewalks and utilities; includes site restoration, new sod and irrigation; a new PE shelter; new covered walkway connecting the main school to the new building, remodeling of existing building will consist of HVAC replacement throughout, LED lighting, selective replacement of roofing system and acoustical ceilings, and bi-level electric water coolers with bottle fillers to be ADA compliant, replacement of the existing fire alarm system; remodeling of student restrooms to be ADA compliant; exterior painting throughout the entire facility, 23 new parking spaces including demolition, drainage, landscaping and lighting.


Total project allocation: $6 million                                                      Completion – April 2020


Total SBE/MBE Participation: 29.17 percent

Total Sub-Consultant M/WBE Participation: 13.56 percent


Redland Middle School - the scope of work for this project includes, but is not limited to: replacement of selective windows, flooring, group restroom renovations; campus-wide exterior painting; and selective replacement of acoustical ceiling tiles; replacement of selective HVAC equipment; replacement of exhaust fans and floor drains; and other miscellaneous upgrades throughout.


Total Project Allocation: $2.8 million                                              Completion – September 2020


Total SBE/MBE Participation: 11.65 percent

Total S/MWBE Participation: 12.97 percent

Total SBE/MBE Sub-Consultant Construction Management Participation: 15.2 Percent



All scope shall include related repairs to civil, structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and finishes as required and in compliance with Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) Design Standards.


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