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Friday, September 18, 2020

New, Renovated Schools Ready for M-DCPS Students for 2020-2021 School Year

Students, employees, parents and community members can look forward to new schools and renovated buildings at Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) when schoolhouses reopen for the 2020-2021 school year. These improvements are made possible with the continued implementation of the General Obligation Bond (GOB) to renovate, remodel and replace schools, expand student capacity, enhance safety and provide technology upgrades. That commitment has not wavered in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, District staff and contractors are hard at work accelerating GOB project timelines.

The unprecedented closure of schools was a difficult but necessary transition that ensured the safety of students and their families, as well as employees. However, during this time, the District was able to speed up construction and maintenance projects before students and teachers return to the classroom. The continuous work during this shutdown also assisted contractors in providing stable employment in the community. Between 300 to 530 workers are on M-DCPS construction sites daily. The District has other projects out to bid, generating additional job opportunities, with high goals for local, minority and small business utilization. 

To date, GOB expenditures total approximately $830.7M ($94.8M for technology and $735.9M for facilities) with another $60M contracted. GOB projects continue to be finished on time and at or under budget.


2019-2020 GOB projects included:


Blue Lakes Elementary Total investment of $2.3 million. This project includes classroom and restroom renovation and installation of new windows and air conditioning. Interior and exterior painting throughout the campus, as well as the renovation of a basketball court and play areas.

Caribbean K- 8 Center – Total investment of $3.6 million. This project, which will be completed by November, includes a new 5,344 square foot building addition that will consist of a music suite, art suite, two intermediate classrooms, staff and group restrooms, a new covered walk to existing campus, mechanical room, electrical room, and an IT room. The art portion of the building will house a 2D/3D art lab, kiln pottery oven, a large art material storage area, and an outdoor art patio. The music area of the building will include a band classroom and an instrument storage room.

Andrea Castillo Preparatory Academy – Total investment of $18.7 million. Phase I of the new K-8 Center, located at N.W. 78th Street & 102nd Avenue in Doral, is approximately 58,765 square feet and has 750 student stations. New spaces include state-of-the-art classrooms, a media center, art and music labs, a full kitchen, cafeteria, administration offices, play courts, fields, PE shelter, other support spaces and student drop-off areas.

Citrus Grove Elementary Total investment of $2.3 million. This project entails the demolition and replacement of the entire existing canopy structure, lighting and sidewalks at the facility.

Coral Terrace Elementary – Total investment of $1.2 million. This project includes renovations to eight classrooms, replacement of windows and doors, installation of new HVAC system and ADA-compliant restrooms.

Cypress K-8 Center – Total investment of $2.7 million. This project includes replacing windows in three buildings, the remodeling of existing space into a new science laboratory. It also includes exterior painting throughout the campus.

D. A. Dorsey Technical College – Total investment of $2.7 million. This Phase II project includes installation of a new entry courtyard, remodeling of two existing buildings that house administration and student services, replacement of HVAC, electrical upgrades, installation of new flooring, replacement of ceiling tiles and lighting, roof repairs, and landscape upgrades.

Norman S. Edelcup / Sunny Isles K-8 Center – Total Investment of $668,000. This project consists of remodeling an existing computer lab into two new state-of-the-art classrooms to increase student capacity and enhance better use of space.

Lillie C. Evans K-8 Center – Total investment of $2.9 million. This project includes the complete renovation of various classrooms, individual and group restrooms. A new elevator has been constructed, a new air conditioning system has been installed in the kitchen area, and new fencing has also been installed.

Glades Middle – Total investment of $2.9 million. This project includes construction of a new one-story classroom building addition consisting of three classrooms and one collaborative space, housing 110 student stations, covered walkway connecting the new building, bathroom renovations, and resurfacing of play courts.

Barbara Goleman Senior High – Total investment of $1.2 million. This project includes the remodeling of nine classrooms for use as magnet program labs, including cyber security, Bloomberg stock market training, forensic science and others.

Gulfstream Elementary – Total investment of $1.4 million. The project includes a new bus drop-off area with a covered walkway, new parking spaces, new playground and a fitness area. 

Barbara Hawkins Elementary Total investment of $2.9 million. This project includes the updating of classrooms with new impact windows, renovation of all group restrooms throughout the school, new air conditioning units in the cafeteria and administration building. The school also features a new PE shelter, playground and water fountains. The entire exterior of the school has also been painted.

Lake Stevens Elementary – Total investment of $2.5 million. Project includes new HVAC upgrades throughout the facility, restroom renovation, covered walkways, new ceiling, flooring, lighting, fire alarm, public address (PA) and security alarm systems, playground, selective painting, portable removal, resurfacing and restriping of paved play areas and parking.

Miami Gardens Elementary School – Total investment of $1.2 million. This project includes restroom renovations, painting of interior and exterior buildings, resurfacing and restriping hardcourt, and replacement of basketball goals, drinking fountains and security camera system.

Miami Palmetto Senior High – Total Investment of $53.1 million. Phase I of this project delivered a new three-story addition, which includes administrative offices, student services, new general-purpose classroom, vocational labs for subjects such as web design, drafting and design, health science and business technology education totaling 1,554 student stations. This project has also completed the renovation and remodeling of the media center and science buildings with a new reading room, CCTV suite, computer labs, science labs, two science classrooms and support spaces totaling an additional 248 student stations. Additional phases are under construction and will be completed in 2021.

Miami Springs Middle – Total investment of $5.6 million. This project includes the provision of new windows and storefront doors, new air conditioning upgrades and restroom renovations in three buildings, fire alarm replacement, miscellaneous electrical upgrades, selective demolition of portables, restriping of the parking lot and new exterior painting of the entire campus.

North Miami Elementary – Total investment of $3.4 million. This project includes complete classroom renovations, new air conditioning, new fire alarm and miscellaneous upgrades throughout.

Palmetto Middle – Total investment of $863,000. This project includes a complete band room renovation with new practice rooms, office, furniture, air conditioning, paint, ceiling and roofing. Additionally, the main GOB renovation project with a total investment of $5,934,840, which includes window replacement, HVAC upgrades, flooring and lighting replacement, re-roofing of various buildings, exterior painting and other miscellaneous improvements, will begin construction in early  2021.

Pinecrest Elementary Total investment of $3.9 million. This project includes the complete renovation of classrooms with impact window replacement, air conditioning, new ceilings, lighting, interior painting and cabinet replacement in three buildings. Some renovations were also completed in the cafeteria and administration office. Full air-conditioning replacement in the media center and all classrooms in Building 4 were completed, as well as renovation of group restrooms in Building 1 and single occupancy restrooms in Building 3. This project also included the exterior painting of the entire school.

Rainbow Park Elementary – Total investment of $2.6 million. This project includes a new HVAC system, window replacement, covered walkways, restroom renovations, new ceiling, lighting, flooring and playground, portable demolition and a resurfaced basketball area.

Redland Middle – Total investment of $2.9 million. This project includes replacement of select windows, air conditioning, ceiling tiles and flooring. New auditorium seating, a new air-conditioning system in the gymnasium, restroom renovations, new exterior paint throughout the campus and many more miscellaneous upgrades throughout are also included as part of the project. 

Shenandoah Middle – Total investment of $3.2 million. This project includes construction of a new one-story building addition, consisting of seven classrooms, 154 student stations, group and staff restrooms, office administration area, covered walkway and an attached PE shelter.

South Miami Middle – Total investment of $4.8 million. This project includes installation of selective window and air conditioning replacements, as well as group restroom renovations and selective interior paint.

Frances S. Tucker Elementary – Total investment of $2.6 million. This project includes replacement of exterior windows, installation of new HVAC upgrades, restroom renovations and exterior painting of the whole campus.

The District-established Small/Micro Business Enterprise (S/MBE) utilization goals were met or exceeded by the architects and contractors on these projects with highly diverse sub-consultant and sub-contractor teams. This was further strengthened by a strong commitment to local workforce utilization.

Continued fidelity to the implementation of the GOB program and the District’s steady commitment to inclusivity and diversity in its procurement process are positively impacting the quality of the educational environment and the local economy.

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