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Monday, October 26, 2020

M-DCPS Celebrates GOB Projects at Two New Doral Schools

Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) held General Obligation Bond (GOB) project ceremonies this morning at two new schools in Doral. Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho and School Board members Susie V. Castillo, Dr. Lawrence Feldman and Mari Tere Rojas, City of Doral Mayor Juan Carlos “JC” Bermudez and Principal Edward R. Smith all took part in the event at the new J.C. Bermudez Doral Senior High School. They were joined by representatives from the City of Doral and Miami-Dade County.

“This facility is a state-of-the art, 21st century learning opportunity for students of J.C. Bermudez Senior High School in Doral, one of the fastest growing areas in our community” said Carvalho. “Promise made, promise kept - this is our core belief.”

Named for Doral’s founding mayor, Bermudez High is a unique project because it is a conversion from a middle school to a high school. Designed by Silva Architects and with a total investment of $40 million, the school’s renovations include a new building addition with a gym and athletic facilities, new outdoor eating areas, and new vocational and technology labs. Once completed, the school will hold 1,800 students. This first year, the high school features ninth grade. Additional grades will be added every year. Construction is being completed in phases so the school can continue to operate without impact to student instruction.

Pictured center with scissors: School Board Chair Perla Tabares Hantman, Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho, Board Member Susie V. Castillo and Principal Adolfo L. Costa cut the ribbon, officially opening Andrea Castillo Preparatory Academy.

A ribbon-cutting event was also held at the newly completed Andrea Castillo Preparatory Academy. The school was named for an aspiring young teacher and longtime Doral resident whose passion for education has inspired fellow students to follow in her footsteps. One of those students is 17-year-old Nicholas Martinez, who suggested Ms. Castillo’s name at an Attendance Boundary Committee meeting last February.

“There was an amazing human being in this city, who finally has the recognition she deserves, and now she has a school here. Every single student is going to know how amazing Andii was,” said Martinez, who will be studying education.

Ms. Castillo, who passed away at age 21, was also the daughter of School Board Member Castillo.

Superintendent Carvalho and Board Members were joined by School Board Chair Perla Tabares Hantman, Principal Adolfo L. Costa, and Board Member Castillo’s mother and son, May Garcia-Clissent and Kevin Castillo, respectively, along with several District and local government representatives.

“I had a conversation with my mom,” said Board member Castillo, “And the way she saw it, it was an honor that our Andrea left this beautiful legacy for the love of teaching to live on in so many students that will be educated in this building.”

Designed by Zyscovich Architects and built by Thornton Construction Company, the school is newly completed with a total investment of $18.6 million. The new addition is a 59,000 sq. ft., two-story facility that will hold 750 students; 39 classrooms, areas for extended learning, an art lab, resource rooms, media center, kitchen and dining area, and administrative offices. The project also includes a P.E. shelter area, basketball courts, play area with a sunshade, and parking and drop-off area.

The school bond projects resulted from voter approval of the $1.2 billion General Obligation Bond. The bond is being used to modernize and construct school buildings throughout the District, expand student capacity, enhance facility safety, and provide technology upgrades at all schools.  

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TOP CAPTION:  Pictured left to right: Principal Edward R. Smith, Central Region Superintendent Dr. John D. Pace, Board Member Dr. Lawrence Feldman, Board Member Mari Tere Rojas, Doral Mayor J.C. Bermudez, 
Board Member Susie V. Castillo, Schools Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho, Deputy Superintendent/Chief Operating Officer Valtena G. Brown, Chief of Staff Jaime Torrens and Chief Facilities Officer Raul Perez celebrate opening of new J.C. Bermudez Doral Senior High School.

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