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Thursday, June 30, 2022

M-DCPS Outpaced State on Spring 2022 Florida Standards Assessments in Biology, Civics & Science

The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) released results today from the spring 2022 administration of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) and the Statewide Science Assessments. Specifically, District and School summary reports were provided for the NGSSS Biology 1, Civics, and U.S. History End-of-Course (EOC) and Grades 5 and 8 Science Assessments.


In Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS), 24,833 students in Grade 5 and 20,946 in Grade 8 took the Statewide Science Assessment; 24,958 students took the NGSSS Biology 1 EOC; 25,269 took the NGSSS Civics EOC; and 21,712 took the NGSSS U.S. History EOC.


In reviewing these results, one may also consider the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic beginning in spring 2020.


  • In Science, higher percentages of M-DCPS students in both Grades 5 and 8 scored in Levels 3 and above in 2022 than in 2021.
    • M-DCPS gains from 2021 to 2022 in Science outpaced the state in both Grade 5, with a 6 percentage point gain for M-DCPS as compared to a 1 point gain statewide, and Grade 8, with a 2 point gain as compared to no gain statewide.

    • In Grade 5, M-DCPS also outperformed the state in Science in regard to proficiency, with 49 percent of M-DCPS students scoring in Levels 3 and above, as compared to 48 percent statewide.

  • Overall M-DCPS students outpaced the state on the NGSSS EOC assessments, with regard to gains from 2021 to 2022 in all three content areas:  Biology 1, Civics, and U.S. History.
    • For Biology 1, the percentage of M-DCPS students scoring in Levels 3 and above increased from 61 percent in 2021 to 62 percent in 2022, outscoring the state, which remained at 61 percent in both years.

    • In Civics, the percentage of M-DCPS students scoring in Levels 3 and above increased by a substantial 9 percentage points from 62 percent in 2021 to 71 percent in 2022.
      • M-DCPS outscored the state in Civics in both proficiency (M-DCPS, 71 percent; Florida, 69 percent) and gains (M-DCPS, 9 points; Florida, 5 points).

    • In U.S. History, similar high performance was demonstrated, with the percentage of M-DCPS students scoring in Levels 3 and above increasing from 59 percent in 2021 to 66 percent in 2022.
      • M-DCPS outscored the state in U.S. History in both proficiency (M-DCPS, 66 percent; Florida, 65 percent) and gains (M-DCPS, 7 points; Florida, 2 points). 

Complete District, State, and school summary reports may be accessed via the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) website (linked) and will also be made available on the Assessment, Research, and Data Analysis website at

M-DCPS deployed a myriad of strategies to enhance and refine school support, creating a method which proved to be successful in aiding academic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools provided students with extended learning opportunities, such as before- and after-school tutoring, Saturday School, Winter Break Academy, and Spring Break Academy. Summer school programing was reimagined to address the whole child and accelerate learning. Teachers were equipped with strategies to address unfinished student learning through professional development, and schools were provided with additional funds for reading and math coaches, interventionists and tutors.

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