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Friday, May 19, 2023

School Board Awards Construction Contractors for Two GOB Projects Valued at $27.1 Million

At its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, the Miami-Dade County School Board awarded contruction contracts for General Obligation Bond (GOB) projects at North Miami Beach Senior High and Flamingo Elementary schools valued at $27.1 million.

Voters overwhelmingly approved the GOB in 2012 to renovate, remodel and replace schools; expand student capacity; enhance safety; and provide technology upgrades.

North Miami Beach Senior High School – JRT Construction, Co. was awarded the contract for campus-wide renovations at North Miami Beach Senior High. Built in 1971, the school comprises seven buildings and has 2,632 student stations.

The scope of work includes new labs for computer, robotic and AP Capstone classes; new entry plaza with an ADA-accessible ramp, estate fencing, marquee sign and campus-wide ADA signage. The renovations will also include upgrades to HVAC and the security alarm system, selective replacement of acoustical ceiling and flooring.

Total project allocation - $16.5 million                                   Completion – August 2024

Total Sub-Consultant Small/Micro Business Enterprises (S/MBE) Participation: 19.22 percent

Total Sub-Consultant Minority/Women’s Business Enterprises (M/WBE) Participation: 8.33 percent

Flamingo Elementary School – Magnum Construction Management was awarded the contract for GOB-funded renovations at Flamingo Elementary located in east Hialeah. Built in 1957, the school currently comprises seven permanent buildings with 866 student stations.

The scope of work includes demolision of one building and one portable. The following new items will be installed: covered walkways at two buildings, marquee signage, playground, ADA stage lift, ADA high/low drinking fountains in four buildings, stage lighting and exterior lighting at three buildings. Items being replaced on this project include classrooms in three buildings, all HVAC at five buildings. Portions of building 4 will be remodeled into PreK classrooms.

Total project allocation - $10.6 million                                   Completion – January 2025

Total Sub-Consultant S/MBE Participation: 14.15 percent

Total Sub-Consultant M/WBE Participation: 15.56 percent

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