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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Three Additional M-DCPS Schools Have Achieved Magnet Schools Standards of Excellence Status

Magnet Schools of America (MSA), the national organization representing over 4,000 magnet schools and programs, announced the latest nationally certified magnet schools for 2023. Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) had 15 magnet schools undergo this robust magnet standard of excellence evaluation. Thirteen magnet schools achieved the highest certification level of Nationally Certified Demonstration School and two were designated Nationally Certified Schools.

As M-DCPS celebrates 50 years of school choice through magnet programs, M-DCPS now has a total of 22 Nationally Certified Demonstration Schools and 13 Nationally Certified Schools.

The magnet certification process awards official national accreditation to magnet schools that establish Magnet School Standards of Excellence. The designation was created to recognize the most exemplary magnet programs.  These schools successfully completed a nine-month evaluation process and demonstrated through 400 artifacts, reflection, and strategic action that they have established Magnet School Standards of Excellence in their schools.

This achievement further cements our position as your child’s best choice for education in Miami-Dade, leaving no doubt about our commitment to provide the highest quality educational options in the region.

The magnet schools receiving national certification this year are as follows:

Certified National Magnet Schools

Certified National Demonstration Magnet Schools






Dr. Henry E. Perrine Academy of the Arts (Certified 2018, Demonstration 2023)

Barbara Leveille-Brown








South Miami K-8 Center (Certified 2019, 2023)

Evie Mayor




Howard McMillan Middle School (Demonstration 2019, 2023)

Dr. Justin Koren



Lamar Louis Curry Middle School (Demonstration 2019, 2023)

Michele Bush



Ponce de Leon Middle School (Demonstration 2019, 2023)

Anthony Balboa



Shenandoah Middle School (Demonstration 2019, 2023)

Michelle Coto



Southwood Middle School (Demonstration 2023)

Raul Garcia




Center for International Education (Certified 2018, Demonstration 2023)

Jennifer Rodriguez



International Studies Preparatory Academy (Certified 2019, Demonstration 2023)

Dr. Alina Diaz-Blanco



Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy (Demonstration 2019, 2023)

Jose Enriquez Jr.



Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial High (Certified 2018, 2023)

William Aristide



Maritime and Science Technology Academy (Demonstration 2019, 2023)

Dr. Cadian Collman



Miami Springs Senior High (Demonstration 2023)

Nelson Gonzalez



South Miami Senior High (Demonstration 2023)

Herbert Penton



      TERRA Environmental Research Institute        (Demonstration 2019, 2023)

Jose Sirven



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