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Thursday, April 18, 2024

School Board Commissions Architect, Awards two Construction Contracts for GOB Projects Valued at $43.3 Million

At its regular monthly meeting, the Miami-Dade School Board commissioned an architectural firm and two construction companies to complete General Obligation Bond (GOB) projects at Lenora B. Smith Elementary, Riviera Middle and Tropical Elementary schools valued at approximately $43.3 million.


Lenora B. Smith Elementary School – Silva Architects, LLC., has been commissioned to complete Phase Two of the GOB-funded renovation project and new, two-story, high energy-efficient building and covered walkways.


Located in Miami’s Liberty City, Lenora B. Smith Elementary will have six buildings demolished to make way for the 41,000 sq. ft. addition that will house classrooms, administration offices and a cafeteria. The project be designed and constructed to meet the approved nationally recognized high-performance, green building rating systems.


Total sub-consultant Small/Micro Business Enterprise (S/MBE) participation: 31 percent

Total project allocation - $21.3 million                                             Final Completion - May 2026


Riviera Middle School – H.A. Contracting Corp. has been awarded the contract for a GOB-funded renovation project. Built in 1958, Riviera Middle is comprised of 16 buildings on an 8-acre parcel and has 1,183 student stations. It is bordered by Tropical Elementary on east and Tropical Estate Park on the west.

The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, replacement of windows, doors, and HVAC; resurfacing of the existing basketball and volleyball courts; and restroom renovation.


Total sub-consultant S/MBE participation: 17.89 percent
Total sub-consultant M/WBE participation: 9.95 percent

Total project allocation - $12.6 million                             Final completion – November 2025


Tropical Elementary School – Veitia Padron Inc. has been awarded the contract for the GOB renovations project at Tropical Elementary. Located at S.W. 104th Avenue, the school is bordered on the south by Riviera Middle School. The existing school was built in 1956 and is currently comprised of 13 permanent buildings and has 802 student stations.


The proposed scope of work for this project includes but is not limited to replacement of the campus-wide fire alarm system, windows and flooring. Also included are exterior painting; upgrades to the HVAC controls, upgraded restrooms, and other miscellaneous improvements.


Total sub-consultant S/MBE participation: 12.78 percent
Total sub-consultant M/WBE participation:  4.97 percent

Total project allocation - $9.4 million                               Final completion – November 2025

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